When the winds of change blow, some are building walls while others

are building a website...

Are you looking for someone to unveil ‘the heart of Darkness’ to you. Well, you found me; your Personal Travel Planner for Congo. My bicultural background, degree in Tourism and master degree in Cultural Anthropology is the perfect cocktail to unveil the Democratic Republic of Congo to you. About 2 decades ago I moved from RDCongo to Belgium, where I’m very happily based. Now and then I feel the call of the cradle, the stories told by my grandmother around the bonfire, waking up with the sounds of the jungle…so I’m very keen to share my passion for RDCongo with you.


Mahatma Gandhi said ‘The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.’ This quote is my mantra so I am at your service – making sure that your dream holiday becomes my mission and satisfaction. So please whisper in my ears your longings, your wishes and desires cause I’m your djinn in the lamp working my magic on realizing your wonder trip by translating all the information from you into THE UNIQUE COSTUMIZED HOLIDAY IN RDCONGO for you.


OUR PRODUCT: On the African continent RDCongo is one of the least visited countries by tourists. This despite it’s huge potential for tourism. My aim is to unveil RDCongo to you. Your trip with me is not just a hotel booking but a total experience. I strive not only to bring you to Congo but to bring Congo to you. The total experience we talk about is to bring you close to the people; their history and culture. I believe that this intercultural exchange is the best way to make a total experience.

When the winds of change blow...some are building walls while others are building Intercultural Competence.


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Does intercultural competence matter in the intercultural business relationship? When McLuhan talked about "the global village" most people could never have imagined our current reality. We live in a world where a Congolese earns a living in Bali, a Dutchman sells his milk in Mali...But are we all armed to get most out of the challenges that diversity brings with it? Do you have the needed intercultural competence?

Not only my background as a Master in Intercultural studies but living and working between the two continents (Africa & Europe) gave me the opportunity the develop the needed Intercultural Competence to work with and between the two cultures.

I can confirm that not knowing the culture of the person you are dealing with will make you lose not only a lot of time/money. Therefor I.C. Consult saw the light so that after you have gained advice from us you can say: I SEE the opportunity that the "global village" brings me!


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